Youth Ministry Program

“Hoʻi I Ka Piko” Scholarship Youth Fund

To be considered for a scholarship from the Youth Fund, you must return the completed application form to the church office. This form may be filled out online and submitted electronically or printed out and mailed or hand delivered to the church office at: 5300 Mākena Road, Mākena, Maui, HI 96753.

The Scholarship Committee will review each application and contact each applicant when the review process is completed within a 30-day period. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office at: (808) 879-5557 or by Email at:


  1. Applicant must be between the ages of 12 to 26 years old and enrolled in an intermediate, high school, charter school, vocational school, college or graduate school.

    The scholarships are intended to provide support for tuition, books, student fees and personal needs. The scholarships are also intended to cover fees for a conference, workshop and learning camp.

  2. Applicant must be a member of Keawalaʻi Congregational Church, one of its youth organizations or an active participant in the life of the church.(If applicant is currently living at school away from Keawalaʻi, involvement in church at place of his or her residence should be described).

  3. Applicant must be in good standing at the present school he or she is attending.

  4. Applicant will be considered on the basis of service to the church and community and other activities.

  5. Applications must be thoroughly completed.

  6. Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee upon receipt within 30 days.

  7. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the recipient, unless otherwise requested by the applicants parents or legal guardians.

    The amount awarded to recipients will be up to $150.00 for intermediate and high school age youth and up to $300.00 for college-age youth and will be dependent on the expressed need of the applicant.

  8. All information in the application will be maintained as personal and confidential except for non-financial information that may be shared in the annual report of the Scholarship Committee.

  9. Applications will be reviewed on a yearly basis; therefore it is the applicant’s responsibility to reapply each year.

  10. This form may be filled out electronically and submitted below or download, fill out and then emailed to: with the subject notation: “Scholarship Committee” or printed out and mailed or hand delivered to the church office.

  11. Questions regarding scholarships may be referred to any member of the Scholarship Committee, including: Loretta Brem, Karen Rollins, and Kealahou Alika.

To download the application as an Adobe PDF file to print out and mail to the address above click HERE for download.


Recycling Project Ongoing

The Recycling Project of the Youth Ministry Program is an ongoing activity. Members and friends are invited to help by donating plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Proceeds from the project will support the program.

All containers should be rinsed and cleaned before being brought to the church. There are separate receptacles for plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Please absolutely NO GLASS and NO ALCOHOLIC bottles or cans.

Letters regarding the “Hoʻi I Ka Piko” Scholarship

Dear Friends at Keawalaʻi Congregational Church,

On behalf of the Cal Lutheran community, I send you greetings from the University. Your financial support of Ryan Brem through the Congregational Partners in Education (CPE) program is evidence of your support for this student’s pursuit of higher education.

The benefits of directing your money in support of this member in this way are numerous. First, your gift is matched dollar for dollar up to $2,500 by the University, which maximizes your faithful effort to make a wise investment in this student’s future. This award also allows congregations to support young people who have demonstrated a commitment to the life and work of that congregation and allows the University to show its support for those efforts.

At the very core of California Lutheran University’s mission is the mentoring and education of leaders who are “strong in character and judgment, confident in their identity and vocation, and committed to service and justice.” We believe that a college of the Church provides an excellent setting for the development of such future leadership for our society. Your contribution to the Congregational Partners in Education program is an affirmation of that conviction and a strong sign of support for this member of your congregation.

The Rev. Arne Bergland
Director of Church Relations
California Lutheran University
Thousand Oaks, California
December 17, 2013


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