Pastoral Update
for Sunday, March 26, 2023

Fifth Sunday in Lent


at 10 a.m. HST

Aloha Keawalaʻi ‘ohana, 

Our final vignette in the gospel series from John is the story of Jesus’ miraculous raising of his dear friend Lazarus from the dead. The miracle is a difficult one for many of us to get our heads around, but the emotions involved are quite familiar. Lazarus’ sisters are angry with Jesus for not getting there soon enough to heal their brother before he died. Jesus is overcome with sadness as he weeps openly before Lazarus’ tomb.

Grief is manifest in so many ways. For some it is anger, for others it is fueled by guilt. For everyone it is deeply painful, and we wonder if we will ever feel normal again. This Sunday I will focus on the humanity of Jesus and his response to the sisters whom he loved and who are now dealing with a profound loss. All of which begs the question of our own response. How have you experienced losses in your life be they broken relationships, job terminations, or personal physical loss? Notice how Jesus responds. Might this be a helpful example for each one of us?

As always, our Sunday service can be accessed livestream by going to and clicking on the Vimeo link. We hope to see you in person, but livestream is also available if your presence is not possible.

If you are at home for worship, please print out this week’s service order and create a sacred space in your home, your own kuahu, to enhance your worship experience. I also invite you to bring an offering (lūlū) for a time of dedication and blessing. Please remember, online giving is available to you. All you need to do is go to our church website – and click on the donate now button. You can do this anytime. It takes only a few minutes to set up your profile for a one-time or recurring gift. Mahalo for your generosity and support.

Please send me any additional prayer requests for our pule during this Sunday’s worship. Requests can be sent to or call the church office at 808-879-5557. You can also email me directly or text me at 619-884-5830. Prayer requests can also be written out on the pew cards when you arrive at worship. I hold these prayer requests in my personal pule and will offer them during the service as well.

I will resume Sunset Meditation this Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. I invite you to join me for a peaceful time of reflection, prayer, and silence. Please bring a blanket or lawn chair and dress for the weather. Our meditation lasts about ½ hour and is a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of creation as you are gently guided in meditation.

Whether in spirit or in person I look forward to greeting you in worship this Sunday as the season of Lent rapidly draws to a close. May you sense Holy Presence as you gently walk through these meaningful days.

Me ke aloha pumehana,

Kahu Scott Landis, Transitional Pastor

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