Keawalai Endowment Fund

“Sharing God’s Aloha
from Generation to Generation”

Keawalai Congregational Church, in Mākena, Maui, Hawaii, a Christian fellowship where we welcome all, love all and accept all into our ohana, has established a permanent endowment fund to preserve our Hawaiian heritage and to sustain its work and mission. This fund consists of a permanent corpus of monetary resources, originating from the gifts of faithful church members and friends of the Church.

A Word from Kahu

"One of life’s richest blessings comes through a lifetime of involvement in a community of faith. Keawala'i Church has been a special place of blessings for over 175 years.

We can insure that Keawala'i Church will be a blessing for generations yet to come. Through your estate plan you can provide for your loved ones and for your community of faith, Keawala'i Church.

We invite you to join us in this effort to run the race that has been set before us, always aware of the One who is the pioneer and perfecter of our faith."

Me ke aloha o Ke Akua,
The Rev. Kealahou C. Alika

The Endowment

The endowment is a fund held in perpetuity. Funds are placed in socially responsible investments by the Board of Trustees. Resources generated by the invested endowment are used to preserve our Hawaiian heritage and to further the ministry and mission of Keawala’i Church. This may be done through the following means:

  • Preserving our landmark sanctuary as a center of ministry and mission.
  • Providing for pastoral leadership.
  • Preparing all ages through Christian Education.
  • Providing for the ministry of music, worship, and the arts.
  • Proclaiming mission outreach to the community & UCC missions.
  • Assisting in the Church budget and property improvements & additions.

Ways to Give

OUTRIGHT GIFTS during lifetime of cash, stocks, bonds, or real property may be made. These may honor family members on anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

BEQUEST BY WILL may also be made by percentage or set amount of one’s estate. Consider an amount to at least sustain your present annual giving in perpetuity.

A LIVING TRUST provides for future family needs and designating Keawalai to eventually receive income and/or the principal from the trust.

LIFE INSURANCE where Keawalai is named as beneficiary on a present or new policy; or Keawalai is made owner of a policy that you pay the premiums on; or the cash surrender value of a policy gifted to Keawala‘i are other ways to give.


For More Information

Contact the church to receive our more detailed brochure
about the Keawala‘i Endowment Fund:

The Endowment Committee

Keawala‘i Congregational Church
United Church of Christ (USA)
5300 Mākena Road
Mākena, Maui, HI   96753

Telephone:  (808) 879-5557
Fax:  (808) 879-0598


Gifts designated to the Keawala'i Endowment Fund in 2013 totaled over $10,000.00. They included the following:

Phillip Betti - Kihei, Maui
In memory of Rachel Betti

Jena Dando - Wailuku, Maui
In memory of Xander Munson

Charlene Echeverri - Kihei, Maui
In memory of Keith Echeverri

Karen Jones - Kula, Maui

Janice Kiefer, Lincoln, California

Jerry Knight - Forest Knolls, California

Claire Fujii-Krall - Wailuku, Maui
In memory of Jose Krall

Voigt Lenmark, Jr. - Plymouth, Minnesota

Anita Maag - San Diego, California
In memory of Stan Maag

Dana Monroe-Ramos - Folsom California

Steve & Suzanne Perkins, Kihei, Maui
In memory of Roy Weaklend

Betty Pepper - Ormond Beach, Florida
In memory of Charles Hevenor

Ed & Mona Sher - Las Vegas, Nevada & Makena, Maui

Richard & Ruth Treat - Bolton, Connecticut
In memory of Charles Hevenor

William Turner - Salt Spring Lake, British Columbia, Canada
In memory of William Poole

Karen White - Blue Springs, Missouri
In memory of Jean Chang